Candy Birds Milk Vanilla Flavor

Manufacturer: RoshenПроизводитель
Article: ROS11236Артикул товара
Item: 150gВес товара/10Количество едениц в 1 кейсе.
Unit: CaseТовар Продаеться Case
Shelf life: Еше не добавленноДлительность хранения от даты производства
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Sweets with chocolate coating, whipped filling with the additive of diary butter and a variety of other ingredients.

Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, dairy butter, cocoa mass, condensed milk product ”Mols” (skimmed milk, sugar, milk whey, vegetable fat, lactose), vegetable fats, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, egg-white powder, agar E406, citric acid E330, soya lecithin E322, food additi