Tea Blackcurrant W/Cranberry

Manufacturer: Mokate Babcia JagodaПроизводитель
Article: LOY80300Артикул товара
Item: 20*2gВес товара/6Количество едениц в 1 кейсе.
Unit: CaseТовар Продаеться Case
Shelf life: Еше не добавленноДлительность хранения от даты производства
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Cranberry is considered the red gold of bogs and marshes, due to its attributed properties. In Scandinavia, cranberries are the main ingredient of homemade preserves, they are also becoming more and more popular in Poland, in the form of fresh fruit, jam, preserves, juice and tea. On the other hand, the cultivated varieties of blackcurrant are used in gardens and parks as decoration plants, and on plantations they give valuable fruit, excellent for eating fresh or for making jelly, jam, wine and juice.