Spices For Pilaf Big Pack

Manufacturer: Magia VostokaПроизводитель
Article: MAG73193Артикул товара
Item: 200gВес товара/20Количество едениц в 1 кейсе.
Unit: CaseТовар Продаеться Case
Shelf life: Еше не добавленноДлительность хранения от даты производства
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Specially selected, well-balanced taste and aroma of spice mix, spices and dried vegetables used in cooking rice. High barrier properties of packaging, retain all the qualities of fresh produce and sustainable bottom and reusable zip-zip make use of the product as easy as possible.

Ingredients: spices and dried vegetables (cilantro, sweet red pepper, turmeric, red pepper pungent, garlic, Zira, barberry, basil), salt is iodized.