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ADUGS cookies end gingerbread is one of the biggest manufacturers of confectionery products in the Baltic states. The company offers more than 150 types of confectionery products - cookies (also with filling and glaze). In our assortment you can find cookies with fruit filling, cookies covered with chocolate and biscuits with a wonderful variety of seeds. Also in our assortment there are wonderful views of cakes. Our prices are low and the quality is always on top! This product is sure to please you and your customers.

Image Name Discription Unit Price Buy Now
Margaritka W/Jam Margaritka W/Jam 700g/10 $19.50
Assorty Assorty 700g/10 $21.00
Gundega W/Apricot Gundega W/Apricot 600g/10 $21.00
Gundega W/Cherry Gundega W/Cherry 600g/10 $21.00
Morskoy Konek W/Chocolate Morskoy Konek W/Chocolate 700g/10 $25.00
Shishechka W/Chocolate Shishechka W/Chocolate 700g/10 $24.00
Zig-Zag Zig-Zag 800g/10 $3.65
Lacomka Lacomka 900g/10 $39.50
Gammi Gammi 600g/10 $19.50
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