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In May 2011 "Beverages from Chernogolovka" extended with a traditional favorite drink "Lemonade." Its fruit caramel flavor gives a chance to come back to your childhood and to feel like a child again. The attractive design of the label with the famous fairy-tale character decorates the table and the bottle of the drink "Lemonade" will delight any child. It doesn`t contain any artificial flavors or colorings.

This noble and exquisite drink perfectly refreshes in a hot summer time. This beverage contains natural 100% juice of red grapes.

A classical drink familiar since childhood and loved by many generations. It is made on the pear infusion.

The drink is made according to the classical technology kept since 1971. The main component is the infusion of estragon, which grows in Georgia, Armenia and Altai. Tarhun is a tonic.

The recipe of this drink has been known since 1976. It includes the extract of the eleutherococcus and the black tea, the cardamom, eucalyptus, lemon oils. This drink was made as an alternative to Pepsi in Soviet Union Institute of drinks specially for the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.

It contains all best-known citruses: oranges, mandarins and lemons. The touch of vanilla makes the taste special and original.

Enjoy the taste of ripe apples that reminds natural apple juice. It reveals in the notes of cinnamon. This drink perfectly refreshes in hot weather and brings you special summer memories in a winter time.

Natural drinking still water Chernogolovskaya
The natural drinking still water Chernogolovskaya is ideal for cooking and drinks. It has no smack and it doesn't form scum. It is recommended for tea and coffee preparation as it keeps and reveals their natural taste and aroma.

«Таёжная Ягода» Черника
В ягодах черники содержатся витамины группы В, РР и С, пектиновые и дубильные вещества, каротин, марганец, органические кислоты, антоцианы, микроэлементы. Благодаря этому употребление черничного сока способствует улучшению зрения, снижению сахара в крови, укреплению стенок сосудов и замедлению процесса старения.

«Таёжная Ягода» Брусника
Напитки из брусники обладают общеукрепляющим, противовоспалительным действием, стимулируют работу почек и поджелудочной железы, способствует общему очищению организма. Напитки являются витаминными и прекрасно тонизируют.

Настоящий русский квас «Хлебный дар», приготовленный по традиционному рецепту на основе натурального хлебного сырья.

Квас «Хлебный дар» - первый квас на российском рынке в стеклянной бутылке. Это 100% натуральный продукт брожения, приготовленный по традиционным рецептам, не содержит искусственных ароматизаторов и красителей. Квас «Хлебный дар» имеет пряный вкус ржаного хлеба с легкой кислинкой, он отлично подойдет не только для утоления жажды, но и для приготовления окрошки.

Не содержит алкоголь (0%).

Image Name Discription Unit Price Buy Now
Soft Drink Baykal Soft Drink Baykal 330ml/12 $11.40
Soft Drink Buratino 11322 Soft Drink Buratino 11322

UPC/P  46024410 - 11322

2L/6 $10.50
Soft Drink Krushon Plastic Soft Drink Krushon Plastic 2L/6 $10.50
Soft Drink Baykal Plastic 05093 Soft Drink Baykal Plastic 05093

UPC/P  46024410 - 05093

2L/6 $10.50
Soft Drink Sitro Plastic 09404 Soft Drink Sitro Plastic 09404

UPC/P  46024410 - 09404

2L/6 $10.50
Soft Drink Limonad (Plastic) Soft Drink Limonad (Plastic) 2L/6 $6.00
Soft Drink Tarhun Plastic 00516 Soft Drink Tarhun Plastic 00516

UPC/P  4602441 - 00516

2L/6 $10.50
Soft Drink Dushes Plastic Soft Drink Dushes Plastic 2L/6 $10.50
Soft Drink Krushon Soft Drink Krushon 1L/6 $9.90
Soft Drink Buratino 11285 Soft Drink Buratino 11285

UPC/P  46024410 - 11285

1L/6 $9.90
Soft Drink Baykal 00067 Soft Drink Baykal 00067

UPC/P  46024410 - 00067

1L/6 $9.90
Soft Drink Extra Citro 01163 Soft Drink Extra Citro 01163

UPC/P  46024410 - 01163


1L/6 $9.90
Soft Drink Limonad Soft Drink Limonad 1L/6 $6.00
Soft Drink Tarhun Soft Drink Tarhun 1L/6 $9.90
Soft Drink Duchess Soft Drink Duchess 1L/6 $9.90
Soft Drink Dushes Soft Drink Dushes 500ml/12 $13.20
Soft Drink Baikal Soft Drink Baikal 500ml/12 $13.20
Soft Drink Sitro Soft Drink Sitro 500ml/12 $13.20
Soft Drink Tarhun Soft Drink Tarhun 500ml/12 $13.20
Soft Drink Buratino Soft Drink Buratino 330ml/12 $11.40
Soft Drink Duchess Soft Drink Duchess 330ml/12 $11.40
Soft Drink Tarhun Soft Drink Tarhun 330ml/12 $11.40
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